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On Ice

January 2, 2015

On Ice

- as seen by -

John Delaney John Delaney

Heavy snowfalls and frigid conditions are a nuisance for most New Yorkers, but these wood ducks make the most of icy conditions on the Bronx River, the only remaining freshwater river New York City’s five boroughs.

The wood duck is one of several native waterbirds found on the Bronx River throughout the year. Considered to be one of the most attractive species of waterfowl, the wood duck differs from other ducks in that it perches and nests in the trees (as the name suggests.)

Nikon D4

Bronx, USA Map It


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January 2, 2015 at 11:21 am

We’re lucky to have such beautiful ducks in our backyard… Great shot, John!