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A Bird in Hand

May 11, 2016

A Bird in Hand

- as seen by -

Max Pulsinelli Max Pulsinelli

I’m a PR guy.  

Totally focused on my career at the Wildlife Conservation Society, I live behind the scenes and rarely in front of the camera.

While working with the Bronx Zoo’s staff photographer, the day’s clientele took a surprising mid-air turn and decided I looked like a nice place to perch (above, with a scarlet macaw.)

Perhaps the bird knew I’m a life-long Pittsburgh Pirates fan and have an odd obsession with the Pirate Parrot. Perhaps she sensed that it was a memorable encounter with another a palm cockatoo at Disney 32 years ago that just may have been the impetus for my love of animals (above, inset, with a palm cockatoo in 1984.)

My fascination with animals was never lost as my life and career took many turns. In my 20/20 hindsight, it now seems like karma and a precursor to what has brought me full circle – a career representing the most unpredictable clients I’ve ever had.

Children are impressionable and those impressions can be lifelong and life changing – even if it is not immediately realized. What I do now helps facilitate the next generation’s appreciation for wildlife, and in turn, helps ensure these animals will be protected in the wild for generations to come.

You never know who or what might make the next meaningful impression. Go to the zoo.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Learn more about the Bronx Zoo’s “Birds in Flight” show at the WCS Newsroom.

Nikon D4 and Rollei 35mm Triotar

Bronx, USA Map It


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