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Weave It or Leave It

March 24, 2021

Weave It or Leave It

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Aniko Totha Aniko Totha

Taveta golden weavers, Ploceus castaneiceps, are among the greatest skilled nest builders of the bird world. This species, found in the savannahs of Eastern Africa, weaves pear-shaped nests out of grasses and secures them onto branches and areas high above ground and water.

The males build fabulous nests in an effort to attract a female. Competition is high among Taveta golden weavers as they are colony birds and thrive in large groups which gives the female weavers plenty of nests and males to choose from. The males depend on their nest building skills over their ability to sing and dance, unlike other bird species. A useful talent because the vocalizations of male weavers are typically ear-piercing chirps that are not very pleasing.

Visit the first floor of the World of Birds at WCS’s Bronx Zoo and see how excited the male Taveta weavers get when they’ve successfully completed a nest. They madly flap their wings to attract a female to come and investigate a potential new home. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: To celebrate Women’s History Month, Wild View is featuring posts by and about women and their contributions to science and conservation throughout March. 

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