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Our Common Thread: Bronx Zoo Run for the Wild Shirts, Part 2

April 23, 2023

Our Common Thread: Bronx Zoo Run for the Wild Shirts, Part 2

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Julie Larsen and Cynthia Gonzalez Julie Larsen and Cynthia Gonzalez

In New York, and across other states and countries, our familiar Wildlife Conservation Society shirts stand out on hikers, families on holidays, and shoppers in line at grocery stores. While doing fieldwork in Madagascar, Julie Larsen spotted them on local nature guides. Our brand is international.

Each shirt is unique to participation in something for WCS. Shirts are created for our membership at the Bronx Zoo, New York Aquarium, and other events like our annual Run for the Wild in its 15th year.

Over 5,000 runners and walkers will gather early in the morning on Saturday, April 29, 2023, for a 5K run/3K walk at the Bronx Zoo. This year, their Run for the Wild shirts will showcase the sloth.

Sloths are solitary, slow-moving arboreal mammals that prefer the nightlife. They call the canopy of the rainforest home and spend much of their time upside down or sleeping.

“WCS’s Run for the Wild is among our favorite events to host. We are always in awe to see all the participants who come to show their love for wildlife. It’s a great event for a great cause and a wonderful time to be had by all. And who doesn’t love sloths?! For those that prefer a slower pace, the sloth’s speed is relatable” says Rachel Libretti, WCS Director of Event Programming and Rides.

Back at Con-tees Custom Printing, we watch our Run for the Wild shirts spin slowly on the printer, one ink layered on the next. We see the sloth come to life and know that soon, these iconic shirts will be worn by many giving sloths a chance to Run for the Wild.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Find out more about how WCS shirts are made and WCS membership, read Part 1.

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