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WCS Tanzania – Turning the Tide

March 3, 2017

WCS Tanzania – Turning the Tide

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Tim Davenport Tim Davenport

Getting a good photo of an elephant is no easy task. They may be slow-moving and the world’s largest land mammal, but they are also one of Africa’s most photographed creatures. So being in any way original is a challenge. For me, the best time to watch elephants is when they are at play, and an elephant is rarely happier then when in water.

I am proud to say that the Wildlife Conservation Society is doing more than anyone to help protect elephants in Tanzania. Our law enforcement that works across the landscapes of Ruaha-Katavi, southern Tanganyika, and Tarangire (where I took this photo) is making a huge difference. We are helping turn the tide against poaching. But the threat remains, and the vigilance continues.

Everyone in the future should have the chance to see an elephant taking a bath.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Today is United Nations World Wildlife Day to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild animals and plants. Governments, law makers, enforcement officers, customs officials, and park rangers across every region are scaling up their efforts to protect wildlife.

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