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Saving Trees in Tanzania

July 6, 2017

Saving Trees in Tanzania

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Sarah Markes Sarah Markes

ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION is a key part of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s work in Tanzania. Our Southern Highlands Conservation Program currently reaches 42 primary schools and 19 secondary schools as well as providing community environmental education for around 150,000 villagers.

Given the chronic lack of teaching materials in Tanzania, WCS creates educational posters and banners to highlight key environmental issues, raise awareness of Tanzania’s amazing biodiversity, and hopefully, inspire the next generation of conservationists.

These posters are part of a series begun in the Southern Highlands, highlighting the value of trees and forests to humans and wildlife. Inspired by each of the landscapes we work in, they feature montane forest, Zanzibar’s coastal forest, and mangroves so far. Baobabs, acacia woodland, and other ecosystems to follow!

EDITOR’S NOTE: PDFs of these posters are available from sarahindar@gmail.com.

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