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Connection with the Sunrise

June 1, 2023

Connection with the Sunrise

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Mandi Susman Mandi Susman

I was driving to work and had stopped at a stoplight at Broadway and 260th Street in the Bronx, New York. It was a foggy morning, and the sun was just coming over the tree line. I looked over at the field in Van Cortlandt Park which is circled by trees. I have always had a joyful connection with the sunrise and starting a new day, in fact, I got married to my husband at sunrise (my family still complains about that but then grudgingly admits it was truly special).

To capture this amazing moment in the few seconds I had at that stoplight was such a thrill. I’ve heard professional photographers state that the best camera is the one you have on hand, and all I had was my cell phone. In this case, it did the trick. I was able to crop out the cars, lamp posts, and “earthly” distractions to share the power, grace, and beauty I found that morning on my way to the Bronx Zoo.

Cell Phone

Bronx, US Map It


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