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WCS Wild Audio: WCS’s Fast-Growing Podcast

May 12, 2023

WCS Wild Audio: WCS’s Fast-Growing Podcast

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You may have noticed that about a year ago, the Wildlife Conservation Society entered the podcast era with an original series of reported audio stories called WCS Wild Audio. It began with training I received through the Columbia University School of Journalism with a veteran radio journalist for America Public Media’s popular show “Marketplace.”

After recording several test podcasts, we launched in June 2022 with an episode featuring WCS coral reef scientist Emily Darling. Darling was a natural choice to begin the series with. Her cutting-edge work identifying climate-resilient corals provided an important perspective for discussion during a year that saw widespread bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef despite the arrival of a La Nina—a cooling phase for the corals that should have been a recovery window.

That episode combined broadly accessible insight into the plight of coral reefs (above, in the waters of Fiji) under the stressors of climate change with Darling’s personal story as a marine scientist—an approach that has underpinned the podcast ever since as its audience has grown on multiple streaming podcast platforms that include Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon in addition to WCS.org.

Since that original podcast, we have produced two 15-episode seasons with a team that includes my WCS Communications colleagues Hannah Kaplan and Dan Rosen. You can listen to our podcast episode with Darling here.

Stay tuned for new Wild View posts introducing additional episodes from our first two seasons. 100 percent in-house produced.

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