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Tiger in the Wild

January 9, 2015

Tiger in the Wild

- as seen by -

Sue Chin Sue Chin

Just after sunrise on our first day in Bandhavgarh National Park, India, a beautiful female tiger came down to drink at this waterhole. Holding my camera and 400mm lens, I stood precariously balanced on the four-inch wide bar that divided our jeep. Our dedicated guide frantically held my legs so I would not lose my balance.

This was a magical moment for me, my first tiger viewing in the wild!

Clichéd language about majesty, beauty, and power ran through my head, but it really is hard to describe the overwhelming awe and emotion that comes with such an encounter.

After patiently tolerating our gawking and receiving all of the adulation she was due, the tiger wandered off into the forest.

I feel privileged to work for the Wildlife Conservation Society, an organization that has contributed so much to tiger conservation, and so lucky to have been able to see one in the wild.

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