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Cool Contrast

October 17, 2022

Cool Contrast

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Chris Spohn Chris Spohn

We were at a meeting of the Entomological Society of Pennsylvania (because being surrounded by insect experts is always thrilling). The organizer of the event had set up a few lights at night to draw in some moths for us to observe. It was a little cold and drizzling – not great for attracting moths. Luckily, spiders didn’t care as much about the weather. We took a short walk around the building and found one.

The state parks in Pennsylvania have done a great job advocating for and planting native flowers. It was easy to spot this pale American green crab spider (Misumessus oblongus) on a deep purple bergamot. I took a quick picture and then watched the arachnid walk its way around the flowers looking for dinner.

Canon EOS 90D

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