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Foliage Reflections

November 4, 2021

Foliage Reflections

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Julia Gallop Julia Gallop

With an almost perfect reflection on Durand Lake in Randolph, New Hampshire, three of the White Mountain peaks are blanketed in mist. Mount Madison wears a hat of clouds, and Mount Adams and Mount Quincy Adams completely elude my camera lens.

These peaks are cloaked with (you guessed it: peaked!) leaves as their vibrant colors sway in the breeze. We had walked up King Ravine, which sits below the three summits mentioned above, to be surrounded by red, gold, and orange. I took this photo on our way back, before closing our summer cottage for the winter.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Enter our Wild View assignment, Fall Colors, celebrating the seasonal change.

Randolph, US Map It


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