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July 14, 2019


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Kimberly Rollins Davis Kimberly Rollins Davis

This jumping spider was strolling in the mist after a rain shower at Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil. The spider, the size of a thumbnail, caught my eye while I was reflecting on the beauty and grand size of the majestic falls.

I glanced down at the wooden banister that bordered the walking path and noticed a small movement. I was awestruck. This tiny creature lived next to 257 glorious falls. Did it realize?

As I watched the spider continue its journey, I noticed more details. Its eyes. Its striped legs. Its droplet-covered head. Its distinct reflection on the wet railing. A guard walked over and asked what I was doing at the railing.

I pointed to the spider and said “Olhe aqui. Look here. The beauty of Foz do Iguaçu extends beyond the falls that I came to see.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: The photo above was chosen as the top submission for Wild View’s Surprises assignment. Congratulations!

Nikon D3300, Nikkor 55-200MM f/8 Lens

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