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Time to Reflect

February 10, 2020

Time to Reflect

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Julia Gallop Julia Gallop

I travel 133 miles when I come home from college.

The five highways between Connecticut and Massachusetts are crowded and loud, no matter how much I turn up my music or audiobook. When I finally reach my hometown, I drive by my old high school passing between the large building and its nearby pond. I recall a resident swan couple and hope they are milling about somewhere. Then I spot one of the them snuggled up in the nest they made together. This beauty stands out. There is just enough to light to show its reflection in water that reflects the dark sky. Being able to stop and take this photo also signifies my first breath of fresh air after traveling all those miles. I listen to the crickets around me. I think of the cygnets that will hopefully be waddling around when I come home for good in a few weeks when I graduate from college.

It is my time to reflect during moments of natural silence.

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