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Family Time

May 4, 2020

Family Time

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Cory Scott Cory Scott

Hamadryas baboons (Papio hamadryas) are old world primates native to Northern Africa and Arabia. They live in troops led by a single adult male with a group of females and their offspring. WCS’s Prospect Park Zoo currently houses a troop of 11 baboons led by Tullu photographed here with female Cobie and three offspring.

As with most primate species, baboons are incredibly social. Baboons learn social skills as they grow from the other members of their troop. This learning comes in many different forms such as play, grooming, and observation. When visiting Prospect Park Zoo, you will often see the younger baboons playing together throughout the exhibit. You will also see the baboons resting together in small groups as seen above.

The next time you visit Prospect Park Zoo, be on the lookout for their social behaviors and see if you can tell which one is Tullu and which one is Cobie.

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