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Snowy Otter

December 10, 2019

Snowy Otter

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Cory Scott Cory Scott

Otters of all species are known to be playful, active, and mischievous. The North American river otters at WCS’s Prospect Park Zoo are no exception. On any given day you can watch our pair of otters, Logan (pictured) and Nellie, swimming and playing throughout their exhibit. Winter is an exceptionally fun time of year to enjoy watching the otters as they explore the wonderland outside.

River otters can be found throughout most of North America and are adapted to a wide variety of habitats and climates. New York City winters are no problem for Logan and Nellie. On snowy days you can see them sliding across the snow on their bellies which is an efficient way to move through the snow for an animal with short legs. Or, as you can see from this photo, they have fun investigating the snow with their noses, looking for anything that might be hiding underneath. No matter the weather, you can expect to see Nellie and Logan having a good time in their pool.

Come visit Prospect Park Zoo this winter and be sure to stop by to see our lively pair of otters on the Discovery Trail.

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