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Blonde Bat

October 31, 2019

Blonde Bat

- as seen by -

Adria Lopez Baucells Adria Lopez Baucells

The yellow-winged bat (Lavia frons) bat can be found on the African continent usually inhabiting semi-desert environments from dry scrublands to extensive savannas dominated by big, isolated acacia trees. This species is strictly monogamous and roosts in couples in hollow trees or hangs at the exterior of the tallest trees. The pairs can usually be found in branches that are densely covered by leaves where they remain protected from potential predators.

These blonde bats can actually land in the interior of dense brush sorting through branches and trunks covered by prickly thorns with outstanding ability and speed – and without scratching their delicate wings.

This species is characterized by the shiny yellow color of its fur, blackish wings, and outstanding ears that allow it to hunt large insects on the ground or from resting spots on top of bushes.

The yellow-winged bat lives in some of the driest environments in Africa with almost no drinking water, temperatures commonly reach above 100F degrees (40C degrees), and there is very low density of available prey.

How does this species survive? And will it survive climate change? It is still an enigma for science.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The photo above was chosen as one of the top submission for Wild View’s Bat Heroes assignment. Congratulations!

Bat Week 2019 is October 24-31. Be at bat hero and celebrate the role of bats.

Canon 550D, infrared barrier, 3 flashes

Turkana, Africa Map It


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