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Silent Forests

December 7, 2016

Silent Forests

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Mariah Wilson Mariah Wilson

We are standing with one of Cameroon’s first female eco-guards, Sidonie Asseme, outside of a forestry office deep in Southeastern Cameroon. She is showing us a macabre sight: a row of bones from animals that have been poached in nearby Boumba Bek and Nki National Parks. “When I see all these carcasses in the forest, it always hurts my heart. We really fight against poaching.”

She points out the larger skull – it once belonged to a young forest elephant. She shows the place where the ivory tusks were; they were removed when the elephant was killed. Sidonie and her fellow park rangers patrol these dense forests to apprehend poachers before they are able to slaughter more animals. We are following their brave work, along with other anti-trafficking efforts in the Congo Basin region, for the upcoming film Silent Forests. We will soon be filming with Wildlife Conservation Society biologist Clement Inkamba Nkulu as he studies forest elephant communication in Congo-Brazzaville.

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