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A Time for Strategy and Unity

November 21, 2016

A Time for Strategy and Unity

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Tim Davenport Tim Davenport

The last few years have been awful for elephants.  

The statistics – most poignantly, 96 elephants killed a day – have terrified everyone who cares for wildlife, as again, nature takes a huge hit from human greed. The causes and issues are complex, but now is without doubt a time for strategy and unity.

Crucially, it is essential not always to ‘go negative’, but also to celebrate these majestic creatures and what they represent. It is fitting that the world’s largest land mammals find themselves a proxy for modern-day conservation. In Tanzania, where some of the worst poaching has taken place, there are genuine reasons for hope. These beautiful animals were photographed recently in Tarangire National Park, a Wildlife Conservation Society landscape and an ecosystem whose elephant population has actually doubled in the last 20 years.


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