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Squirrel Monkey Surprise

November 9, 2016

Squirrel Monkey Surprise

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Julia Johanos Julia Johanos

It was the morning after the Fourth of July, and my last opportunity to visit my favorite New York refuge, the Bronx Zoo, before work would take me out of the city for the rest of the year. I am always excited at what I get to witness during any trip to the zoo, and it seemed the animals had arranged quite the sendoff for me on this visit. There were babies galore from the silvered leaf langur baby, the Mongolian wild horse foal, the little ring-tailed and red ruffed lemurs, the markhor kids, and the newest additions to the western lowland gorilla family.

I made my way to the Children’s Zoo having heard that the porcupine parents had welcomed another little one and found a wonderful surprise. The squirrel monkeys were out and in full swing with two females carrying tiny infants on their backs. The babies were asleep yet I marveled at how tightly they held onto their mothers as they swung from branch to branch. What a treat it was to see them so young.

EDITOR’S NOTE: As part of our Wild View 2017 Zoos and Aquarium Calendar Contest, this photo was one of 13 chosen from hundreds of great submissions and will appear on the cover. Order yours today.

Here is a list of the winners. Congratulations!

Susan Alstedt – Toco Toucan

Jeffrey Bange – Western Lowland Gorillas

Andy Levenberg – Rothschild’s Giraffe

Ant Hanley – Amur Tiger  

Joshua Brandon Huitz – Fish  

Julia Johanos – Squirrel Monkeys

Ken Katz – Polar Bear

Meryl Lorenzo – California Sea Lion  

Gail Rogers – Bald Eagles   

John Stahl – Western Red Panda   

Jung Tai – Caribbean Flamingo

 Adam Jason Scherer – Grizzly Bears

Lynn Schoenbeck – Snowy Owl

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