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World Lion Day – Gathering of Animals

August 10, 2014

World Lion Day – Gathering of Animals

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Tutilo Mudumba Tutilo Mudumba

PART 3  

Because of the nature of my job, I meet wild lions every other day in Murchison Falls National Park.

Recently, my team and I came to a most unusual gathering of animals. Butcherman and his Delta pride were nestled together with a visibly calm herd of kob – a favorite prey of lions. There were no alarm calls from the kob. Some of the ungulates were even sleeping. Butcherman’s cub ran about as his father struggled to stay awake.

There was peace on the savannah that morning.

The three-legged Butcherman still gets around with his normal pride duties.

The Wildlife Conservation Society has intensified snare removal efforts in the Delta. We monitor lions every day to intervene if they become trapped. It is working. Butcherman recently got caught in another snare, this time around his neck. We saved him.

Our efforts are ongoing. Uganda Wildlife Authority has initiated strategic ranger posts and regular patrols in the areas most prone to snaring problems.

Nikon D40

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