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May 16, 2014

Look Up

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Stephen Sautner Stephen Sautner

Look up while strolling through the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo, and you will often see birds of prey soaring overhead. These can range from lightning fast peregrine falcons to elegant osprey—sometimes with a fresh catch from the nearby Bronx River.

But sturdy red-tailed hawks are what you’ll see day in, day out. They feed on the zoo’s abundant native wildlife, which range from small birds to squirrels. When they are not flying, they perch in some of the zoo’s stately old growth trees. You can see them surveying their surroundings looking for prey.

Occasionally, they will find other places to perch, too, including one of A.P. Proctor’s magnificent bird terracotta friezes on the zoo’s Administration West building. The beaux art sculpture was designed and produced to adorn what was then the Bird House that opened in 1905.

Who could ask for a better spot?

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