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Eagle Watching

June 20, 2024

Eagle Watching

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Kaylee Kurys Kaylee Kurys

As a child, I often visited zoos and nature centers, engendering a deep appreciation for wildlife at a young age. Specifically, I have always visited the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo, as my family has had a membership my whole life.

On one trip to the Bronx Zoo with my dad, we stopped at the Birds of Prey exhibit. While there, we visited the bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus). The bird of prey was eating at the time, but upon noticing our presence, it looked our way, allowing me to take this photo showing in detail its large bright yellow hooked beak.

Photography has helped me to share my love of all things, wildlife-related, with those around me. This passion of mine has led me to currently pursue degrees in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, as well as Insect Ecology and Conservation. By spreading awareness through photography, we can ensure that animals will be better protected. It is because of conservation efforts for the bald eagle that they were delisted from the Endangered Species Act in 2007.

There are still many threats posed to bald eagles today, such as lead poisoning, as a lead fragment the size of a grain of rice could kill a fully mature bald eagle. They also suffer from chemical pollutants, habitat loss, and entanglement in trash. We can help by advocating for the use of lead-free ammunition to prevent lead poisoning in wildlife, using nontoxic pesticides, safely disposing of household chemicals, and cleaning up trash by adopting “No Trace ” ethics.

Together we can ensure that eagles are protected and remain off the Endangered Species List.

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