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It was Here a Second Ago

September 1, 2023

It was Here a Second Ago

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Chris Spohn Chris Spohn

Cricket frogs, Acris crepitans, are such stunning jumpers. They can leap across trails in a hop or two. Often the only time I know they’re around is sounds – the flick of a nearby leaf followed by a soft thunk as it lands a few feet away.

We were about a five-minute walk from the car, and I heard but didn’t see it. I told my friend to keep an eye out while I ran to get my camera gear. As soon as I returned, the tiny frog was hopping away. Disappearing, reappearing, and disappearing again. We sat still. Then, my friend spotted it.

I quickly took a few shots, looked away for just seconds, and lost sight of it in the mud. Only the frog hadn’t moved. I found it there in perfect camouflage. I got a few more photos before it hopped away.

Sony ILCE-7RM4, 90mm F2.8 Macro G OSS with flash with diffuser

Gates County, US Map It


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