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Too Consumed

August 2, 2023

Too Consumed

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Chris Spohn Chris Spohn

There are so many kinds of thistles and so many kinds of weevils. And there are so many kinds of thistle weevils. And there are native thistles and native weevils. Then there are non-native weevils brought in to try to control the non-native thistles. My brain is in a knot.

I went looking for a weevil to photograph. They are small – barely visible within a thistle. I approach a vibrant purple flower with a black dot on it. I am too consumed with trying to get near enough to focus with my microscopic lenses. The dot immediately jumps off. I move on to the next plant.

Finally, I get close enough to see what’s going on. I am lucky. I find that the insect is also too consumed with what it is doing to care much about the photographer.

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