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Costa Rica’s Breathtaking Birds

March 7, 2022

Costa Rica’s Breathtaking Birds

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Bricken Sparacino Bricken Sparacino

I love having the chance to visit the natural wonders we inspire our Wildlife Conservation Society zoo and aquarium visitors to care about. I was thrilled to visit Costa Rica and explore the Arenal area and rainforest.

I had treated myself to a new camera to see if I could catch some of the vast biodiversity this corner of the world holds. As we landed, I felt an immediate sense of freedom. We could see the volcano from our hotel and just on the way to breakfast, we saw 20 different species of birds. It was incredible.

This picture is of a ringed kingfisher (Megaceryle torquata). My new zoom is so good, one can make out the distinctive white spot by the eye on this very large kingfisher. My only problem occurred when I zoomed in. My hand was shaking because I was so excited to see the animals. My husband stepped in to offer his back as my tripod.

I missed getting a photo of the most fantastic bird we saw, the golden- hooded tanager. Its vibrant gold and blue colors took my breath away, and I forgot to take a photo. Oh, well, next time.

EDITOR’S NOTE: To celebrate Women’s History Month, Wild View is featuring posts by and about women and their contributions to science and conservation throughout March.

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Florence Marcisak
March 7, 2022 at 8:54 am

Love to see all your photos! What kind of camera did you get?