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Little Elephant

September 26, 2017

Little Elephant

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Bricken Sparacino Bricken Sparacino

On a recent trip to Africa (to celebrate my birthday), we were lucky enough to see hundreds of elephants. We saw huge family units. We saw small bachelor groups working together to forage for food. We saw tiny babies just big enough to feed from their mothers.

We watched one little elephant practicing his skills on a log. He tried to pick it up with his tiny trunk. He flapped his ears at the log to intimidate it. He stood on it and stomped. The log broke and made a loud cracking noise. He jumped back, looked around as if he was seeing if anyone had noticed, and then played it cool, and went back to intimidating the log. This is just one story that stands out of all the remarkable things I saw elephants doing in the wilds of Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Africa elephants are being poached for their ivory tusks at an alarming rate. Seeing these magnificent animals in the wild has reinvigorated my need to support efforts to end poaching. What I was lucky enough to see in the wild should be protected for all the generations who come after me and for that little elephant, too.

Sony G

, Botswana Map It


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Michael R. Phipps
September 29, 2017 at 12:14 pm

Y’all do an awesome job, great pictures!