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Done Pollinating!

October 29, 2020

Done Pollinating!

- as seen by -

Peter Hudson Peter Hudson

I was astounded by the sheer number and frequency at which bats arrived to take nectar and pollen from blossoming plants in Ecuador.

I set up my flash system and thought it had broken – it was firing every few seconds. In reality, the bats were so abundant, they were tripping the infrared trigger very rapidly. Later in the night, I captured this image of a bat completely covered in white pollen – especially it’s nose, head, and belly.

I couldn’t help but laugh. The bat looked as though it had flown through a snow storm when it had really been out pollinating plants in the rain forest.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Bat Week 2020 is October 24-31. Be at bat hero and celebrate the role of bats. The photo above was chosen as one of the top submission for Wild View’s Bat Heroes assignment. Congratulations!

Canon 1DX 100-400mm lens, 3 flashes, infrared trigger, really right stuff tripod

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