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Ghost of the Mountains

August 31, 2020

Ghost of the Mountains

- as seen by -

Sherry Young Sherry Young

The snow leopard (Panthera uncia), also known as the ghost of the mountains, is one of the most elusive species on our planet. It lives in very harsh environments that we mainly monitor through the use of camera traps.

After hours of walking up steep slopes, we set the traps so they face potential or confirmed marking sites of snow leopards. We smell the rocks to look for urine marks and look for any other sign of their presence. We leave the traps in place for several months.

There is this funny feeling when we retrieve the cameras and insert the SD cards of images into our computers. We realize that the snow leopard may have known all along what we were doing and came to check it out after we left.

Camera Trap Reconyx Hyperfire

, Kyrgyzstan Map It


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