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Bringing Up Baby

January 29, 2018

Bringing Up Baby

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Cristiano Silva Cristiano Silva

A tiny family is getting bigger — at least, in one way — in the Congo Gorilla Forest at the Bronx Zoo. Our latest pygmy marmoset baby was born in the summer of 2017. It is the fifth member of our family of one of the smallest monkey species in the world – pygmy marmoset adults weigh in at a little over five ounces (150 grams.)

Pygmy marmosets are very social and family-oriented. In the wild, after babies are born, they typically stay with their families for the next two gestation periods of their mother, to aid in raising the newborns before going out on their own. It is fascinating to see our two young males helping their parents care for their new little one, whether it is carrying the young baby around, sharing food, or grooming it.

These tiny monkeys are extremely curious and so much fun to watch. They can be a bit skittish at first, but they do get comfortable with our wild animal keepers at the zoo. It is my privilege to work with these animals and so rewarding to see them thrive.

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