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Flying Underwater

December 1, 2017

Flying Underwater

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Anjuli Waybright Anjuli Waybright

In the warm tropical waters of the many islands that make up the Bahamas, sea turtles are a common find. I’ve been fortunate to enjoy the temporary company of many turtles across the Caribbean and while in the South Pacific in past. I spotted this particular little sea turtle in Nassau gliding effortlessly through calm clear waters and delighted in his dance as he appeared to be flying underwater.

I dwell on boats to be on or near the water as often as possible though nothing feels better than getting under the surface swimming and scuba diving within the incredible and fragile world that lives below the surface. I am passionate about protecting the creatures that live there and work to minimize our boat impact on areas that we visit. It’s heartbreaking to come upon reefs or other areas that have been carelessly damaged. I am hopeful that greater efforts will be made to ensure that all generations may be able to experience and move through the ocean alongside the marvelous creatures.

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