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Flying Fox of the Forest

November 10, 2014

Flying Fox of the Forest

- as seen by -

Scott Heinrichs Scott Heinrichs

Fruit bats (like the Sulawesi flying fox, above) are essential to the survival of the rainforest. Many plants and trees depend on them for pollination and seed dispersal.

This flying fox lives in Paranitiggia village in south Sulawesi where the people protect their local fruit bat population of over 10,000 Sulawesi and black flying foxes from hunters. Fruit bats on Sulawesi – and all over Indonesia – are threatened by overhunting for the bushmeat trade.

It was my good fortunate to visit this flying fox camp. As a bat lover, I was overwhelmed to see so many beautiful bats in one place coexisting with humans.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This photo was selected as a favorite from the hundreds of great shots submitted for our October assignment, Octoberfest.

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