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The Beauty of the Bronx Zoo

September 7, 2017

The Beauty of the Bronx Zoo

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Melissa Nelson Slater Melissa Nelson Slater

It is 9:45 am on a beautiful Wednesday morning in the summer. The air is still and quiet for a few final minutes before the Bronx Zoo officially opens. The exhibits are ready, the animals are coming out and enjoying the cool morning before the sun gets high. Staff are busily finishing any last minute tasks. Our newest sea lion pup is bravely venturing out of the den next to its big brother.

These are my favorite moments.

It is a time of potential and anticipation. If you listen closely you can just about hear the echoes of laughter of the families that will soon fill the space. I always take a breath and appreciate the beauty of the place where I work then smile as I hear the first “Mommeee/Daddeeee look! Sea lions!!”

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