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Calling All Bird Lovers

February 9, 2017

Calling All Bird Lovers

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David Oehler David Oehler

Yes, it’s cold outside, and you may feel like staying in your home to hibernate. Instead, come to the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo this season.

Each winter, the artists from the WCS Exhibits and Graphic Design department are enlisted to maintain and improve the bird displays. They have accomplished a great deal. The red-legged seriemas, Cariama cristata, are enjoying their indoor flight with a new mural, perching, and fresh plantings.

Red-legged seriemas capture the attention of our zoo visitors inside the Aquatic Bird House with their loud vocalizations that sound like a yelping puppy. In their native range from the grasslands of eastern Brazil to northern Argentina, seriemas benefit people as “watch birds” by protecting chicken coops with their boisterous calls when predators are near, but their numbers in other areas are declining due to hunting and degrading habitats.

You can see our seriemas year round. They will again be outside on Astor Court this summer.

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