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Magical Moment

November 14, 2016

Magical Moment

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Jameson Weston Jameson Weston

Gazing at an African elephant with my own eyes and seeing the texture of its wrinkled skin, the whiskers on its trunk, and its long eyelashes is an experience that almost made me forget to try to capture it in a photograph.

While on safari in Tanzania, we came upon a group of elephants near the road. One particular elephant wandered over to our vehicle. It was special to be so near to an animal that is too big to fit in my camera’s viewfinder. I had to change lenses because it was so close.

Taking photos of animals is easy, but capturing magical moments is a life-long pursuit.

EDITOR’S NOTE: As part of our Wild View 2017 Color in Nature Calendar Contest, this photo was one of 12 chosen from hundreds of submissions and will appear on the cover. Order yours today.

Here is a list of the winners. Congratulations!

William Dych – Puffin

Carolyn B. Figueiredo – Red Panda

Anthony Goldman – Leopard

Anne Grimes – Lizard

McKenzie Leeds – Dolphins

James H. Muchmore Jr. – Frog

Carol Patterson – Wild Dogs

Vikram Ramesh – Roller

Jo Ann Ricchiuti – Turtles

Chris Spohn – Insect

Ferenc Szepfalusy – Lizard

Jameson Weston – African Elephant

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