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Dressed to Thrill

April 10, 2016

Dressed to Thrill

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Mintesinot Petersson Mintesinot Petersson

It was an 18-hour flight from New York to Ethiopia. I went with my family to meet my birth mom and dad and other relatives in a city called Awasa. It was my first time back to Africa since I was adopted at 16 months old.

On our last day in Awasa, we decided to go to the fish market that was near a park. I saw dogs, goats, and even a little monkey. Then, I spotted an Abyssinian black and white colobus (Colobus guereza), a type of Old World monkey, in a tree.

The black and white colobus is a beautiful animal. It is a great monkey. All monkeys are wonderful, but the colobus is the most precious one I have ever seen. The colobus is unique because of its face with a long yet wobbly nose. It looks like a wise old man in a full-body tuxedo with no tie.

It is now one of my most favorite creatures.


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