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The Kiss?

February 12, 2016

The Kiss?

- as seen by -

Denise McClean Denise McClean

Prospect Park Zoo has a new exhibit featuring a pair of Saki monkeys and Bolivian grey titi monkeys.

The titi monkeys are a new species for the zoo, and their plushy coats make them look like sweet stuffed toys. Titi monkeys also have the endearing trait of entwining tails when they sleep or gather together.

For the photo session, this pair received some treats including yummy hibiscus flowers.

In perfect Valentine’s Day inspiration, we perceive the male offering the flower to his partner with a kiss. We humans love to put our emotions into these images. But there’s often a back story to an image, and we don’t always see what happens when the camera stops. In this case though, our romantic first impression ended with a very modern relationship twist: he has a treat that might be offered, she comes near with the hope of getting it, but in the end, he eats it all without offering a single petal. She leaves.

Maybe we’re not so different after all.

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