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Snow Day for Tigers

February 17, 2016

Snow Day for Tigers

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Erin Mowatt Erin Mowatt

Some of us like to get snowed in during a good snow storm, but not our five-year-old male Amur tiger, Julian. This striking cat weighs in at 360 lbs., and is still growing.

Amur tigers are the largest of all the big cats. In the wild, they can be found in the Russian Far East as well as in China. Because of the long winters there, Amur tigers are equipped with thick, fur coats to keep them warm, as well as large paws to help them trek through the snow.

Cold, snowy days are perfect to stop by the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo and catch Julian, or one of our 6 other Amur tigers, at Tiger Mountain. Each one of our tigers has a unique personality. In addition to snow, Julian loves to play in the mud and is usually our dirtiest tiger on exhibit.

Next time it snows, forget about staying indoors. Grab a camera and visit Tiger Mountain. Maybe you’ll see this handsome cat enjoying his snow day.

Nikon D4

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