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Quintessential Arctic Beast

September 28, 2015

Quintessential Arctic Beast

- as seen by -

Ricardo Antunes Ricardo Antunes

It’s a rainy and windy day in Nome, Alaska, as I wait for more favorable weather to head out into the Bering Sea to continue my research on marine mammals.

Driving home after a hearty breakfast with friend and boat captain Adem Boeckman, we spot a mass of dark brown bodies at the edge of town. Closer inspection reveals a small herd of eight muskoxen huddled together to withstand the elements, although I am sure this must be nothing compared to the snowstorms that blow across this land in the winter.

The low light and wet conditions are far from ideal for photography but I can’t resist getting getting some images of this quintessential Arctic beast. As I approach within 60 feet, a few animals stand up and look back in my direction. After few photos, I turn back and leave them in peace.

Nikon D7000

Nome, USA Map It


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