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Sleep Well, Tiny Chick

August 24, 2015

Sleep Well, Tiny Chick

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Valeria Falabella Valeria Falabella

In the middle of a very noisy and active chinstrap penguin colony, I saw it, a little chick placidly sleeping on its parent’s feet.

Chinstraps are recognized by the feather markings on their heads that look like a helmet held in place with a black strap, thus their name.

These penguins live in the cold Antarctic and subantarctic seas. An estimate of 8 million animals exist, but populations are declining in all major breeding areas. Food seems to be the limiting factor.

Chinstraps are but one of the 18 species of penguins, arguably the most charismatic seabirds in the world.

The Wildlife Conservation Society has been protecting penguins in Patagonia for three decades.

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