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Giraffe Trio

August 3, 2015

Giraffe Trio

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Meredith Chait Meredith Chait

On a savannah in Ruaha National Park in Tanzania, three giraffes march in lockstep.

I had taken some time off from my volunteer work in Dar es Salaam to go on a three-day safari. During a game drive, we observed these giraffes as they dined on vegetation. I waited for them to strike just the right pose before snapping this picture.

That day, the weather was good, and we spotted almost all the animals on my personal checklist, including the elusive leopard and the cheetah. We did not see a rhino, though. Due to poaching, there are none left in Ruaha.

I took over 1,400 photos over those three days – great memories of my trip to Tanzania.

Editor’s Note: This photo was selected from our summer assignment Wildlife in Your Everyday Life. Submit yours today.

Nikon D40x

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