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Room with a View

May 20, 2015

Room with a View

- as seen by -

Claudio Campagna, B.J. Le Boeuf Claudio Campagna, B.J. Le Boeuf

For a Magellanic penguin, finding a place to build a nest is difficult in a crowded colony.

Punta Tombo is the largest breeding site in Argentine Patagonia, with hundreds of thousands of breeding pairs. Other, similar spots, such as the one further north, at Península Valdés, where the picture was taken, host a few thousand breeding pairs.

Here, the penguin on top has a room with a view but it is exposed and drafty. The penguin below is in a darker, more sequestered place. It might feel safer, like a diner preferring the table in the corner of the restaurant.


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