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Baby Chimpanzee Piggyback

March 9, 2015

Baby Chimpanzee Piggyback

- as seen by -

Harri Washington Harri Washington

Our network of remote cameras spread out through Lopé National Park in central Gabon captures all sorts of surprises.

The cameras are placed in the tropical rainforest, which in this region of the park occurs in thin “gallery” forests following rivers and streams, in a matrix of savannah.

There is always lots of animal “traffic” on this particular camera – we think it must be on the way to some particularly tasty fruit!

The chimpanzees are always fascinated with the cameras, and sometimes aren’t too gentle with them. However, this mother and baby have just stopped to have a good look, from a distance, before carrying on with their daily journey.

When chimpanzee infants are very young, they will cling to their mother’s front whilst carried around, but by the time they get to the size of this infant, they are too heavy to hang on to the front and so are carried on the back.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Captivating camera trap photos are unique. They illuminate a moment that would likely be impossible to photograph in person. Have you set up such equipment in your backyard? For our current assignment, we’ve partnered with Nature Up North to celebrate the camera trap (or trail camera). Send us your best.

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