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Great White Owl

December 22, 2014

Great White Owl

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George Amato George Amato

I first saw the owl in late December, on the beach, five minutes from my house in Milford, Connecticut. It was extraordinary, beautiful – and such a welcome surprise at a cold and gray time of the year. I hoped to get a picture of this majestic creature. Little did I know that day that this would become a three-month odyssey, starting every weekend day before sunrise, in bitter cold, with countless funny and frustrating stories. It also involved obtaining new camera equipment, and discovering patience that I didn’t know I possessed.

The obsession was a bit like Ahab – except instead of a great white whale – it was the great white owl. The best part of the journey was discovering how beautiful the Long Island Sound shoreline is, and how much life is out there at all seasons.

What does winter wildlife look like where you live? Share your photos with us at Assignment.

Nikon D600

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April 6, 2021 at 7:27 am

Great story ! I happened to be searching for information about owls with my 9 y/o daughter and your page came up — we took the opportunity to enjoy a morning reading and also talk about my favorite bird of prey. Thanks George !!