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A Guest for Morning Coffee

September 6, 2016

A Guest for Morning Coffee

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Julia Gallop Julia Gallop

I woke up at an unreasonable hour – 6:30 am and just before dawn – when I took this photo. As I was standing in front of my kitchen sink sipping hazelnut coffee and watching some early birds collect seeds from our bird feeder, I wondered why there were so few on this crisp, winter morning.

I noticed a Cooper’s hawk comfortably perched among the branches in the backyard. Then, I knew the reason why the smaller birds weren’t showing themselves.

I always find birds of prey absolutely amazing to spot. It was special to see this one outside my window. I watched the hawk for a long time as it scanned my backyard twitching its small head until it decided to fly on.

What a lovely guest to have for morning coffee.

Canon EOS Rebel T3i

Winchester, USA Map It


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