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Crescent Beach Crabbing

January 13, 2022

Crescent Beach Crabbing

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Megan Maher Megan Maher

It was a cold and cloudy day at Crescent Beach State Park along the coast of Cape Elizabeth, Maine. The pristine beach was a chilly respite from the snow-covered countryside. The surf near the shoreline was dotted with various seabirds including gulls, ducks, loons, and scoters.

I was taking photos of a particular common eider, Somateria mollissima, searching for food beneath the surface when suddenly a flurry of activity caught my eye. The eider came up with a small crustacean. A nearby herring gull, Larus smithsonianus, swooped in. There was a splash. The gull grabbed the crab from the eider and flew away.

As I watched the gull go by with its prize, I wished the eider the best of luck for another crab catch as the tide turned out to the sea.

Nikon D500 with Nikkor 200-500mm Lens

Cape Elizabeth, US Map It


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