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Inspired by Feathered Colleagues

April 25, 2019

Inspired by Feathered Colleagues

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Elizabeth Benham Elizabeth Benham

I’m a city girl.  

I love the hustle and grit, the skyscrapers and subways, and the gray and black New Yorker uniform. My city dwelling self had little interaction with animals beyond the urban ones like pigeons until the WCS’s Bronx Zoo became part of my daily routine.

From my office window, I can peek at the picturesque pink Caribbean flamingos wading through the water by the zoo’s Aquatic Bird House. Their vibrant plumage motivates me to explore the zoo grounds and take in all the wild sights with colors that contrast the everyday gray feathers of a city pigeon.

Each day I am inspired by my feathered colleagues to save wildlife and wild places and, of course, to hang out with flamingos as well as pigeons.

Nikon D5

Bronx, US Map It


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