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World Giraffe Day

June 19, 2015

World Giraffe Day

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June 21st is quickly approaching. It a very important day. Not only is it Father’s Day, it is also the 2nd Annual World Giraffe Day. World Giraffe Day was started by the Giraffe Conservation Foundation to celebrate and raise awareness about giraffes in the wild.

Since 1999, giraffe populations have plummeted from 140,000 individuals to only 80,000. This number is extremely concerning especially when comparing these numbers to current elephant population numbers at about 500,000.

This year, the Bronx Zoo will be sticking our necks out for giraffe by celebrating the day. We will be having giraffe keeper chats, fun giraffe themed activities, and also some special events throughout the day.

If you want to stick your neck out for these magnificent animals, stop by and learn about what you can do. Or you can visit www.worldgiraffeday.org for more information.

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