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Zhu at the Zoo

March 5, 2015

Zhu at the Zoo

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Sheena Kalemkiewicz Sheena Kalemkiewicz

Being a graphic designer at Binder Park Zoo, I’m always in need of a wide range of interesting animal photos. So, whenever I leave the office, even if it’s just to replace some flyers or go to lunch, I bring my camera. I’m always hoping with a little persistence and good old-fashioned luck to get the perfect shot.

Currently, the zoo is closed for the season, and many guests wonder what our animals are up to during the winter. This year, I have made it a point to take pictures of the winter-hearty animals enjoying the snow.

Mischievous, little Zhu (pronounced zoo,) a male red panda, was born two years ago at our zoo. On cold mornings, he loves climbing all over his exhibit and eating his two favorite snacks: green grapes and bamboo.

It is believed the red panda was named “panda” from the Nepali words “nigalya ponya” meaning “bamboo eater.” In the wild, red pandas will search for and feast on the plant for sometimes up to 13 hours!

EDITOR’S NOTE: This photo was selected as a fan favorite from the hundreds of great shots submitted for our Red in Nature assignment. Don’t forget to check out our latest assignment, When Animals Snap, for camera trap images.


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