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Ra Nevermore

October 28, 2014

Ra Nevermore

- as seen by -

Bernardo Rodriguez Bernardo Rodriguez

Named after the Egyptian sun god, Ra, this piece of mine comes from a place of imagination and freedom with the outside world.

The woman in this work represents a wild, mythical sun, beaming her powerful light on to a confused and deteriorated eye. The eye, which represents humanity and it’s newfound isolation and concealment, seems to not be free enough to do what our eyes were meant to do: explore. The human eye in this piece has yet to explore the way the raven in the middle ground has. This creates the contradiction between a caged modern society and these wild and free birds.

Ultimately, my work’s meaning is open to interpretation; however, one underlying theme is that everyone must explore as the birds do. We must open our eyes to the wonderful wilderness in plain sight.

Oil Painting

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