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Two Times the Fun

October 23, 2014

Two Times the Fun

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Jennifer Loveless Jennifer Loveless

Our five-month-old male snow leopard cubs love to play. The pair runs along steep cliffs using their long tails for balance. Amidst large rocks, they spread their legs like flying squirrels and leap on each other. Games are part of their day. They wrestle and play hide and seek. Often, as they practice stalking and pouncing, they try to engage their mom.

On exhibit, they aren’t always so easy to spot. While the cubs like to play hard, they also love to take long naps. As they lay out for a snooze, their spotted fur provides the perfect camouflage.

Come to the zoo for International Snow Leopard Day on Thursday, October 23, and celebrate these beautiful big cats. You never know what antics you might see.


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